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EU AI Act: Trust in Excellence & Excellence in Trust

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As the European Union develops the first law on AI, The Future Society has actively worked to ensure the text and policymakers help achieve a responsible adoption of AI.

Advisory Services
October 1, 2021
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On April 21, 2021, the executive leadership of the European Union put forward the “AI Act”, a draft law to govern AI systems deployed in its single market to ensure Trust and Excellence in the EU AI industry. Since then and over the next couple of years, EU member states’ governments and the European Parliament are working together to agree on a compromise text that satisfies all policymakers. Throughout this process, experts and stakeholders can provide suggestions for improvements to the legislation.

The Future Society has therefore studied this policy and developed suggestions for improvements. We are now actively disseminating and discussing these suggestions with policymakers to ensure that the AI Act helps the EU both seizes the opportunities from AI and mitigates its risks in an efficient way. We therefore advocate for both Trust in Excellence & Excellence in Trust: we recommend the EU to develop better governance mechanisms for more trustworthy AI systems, so as to make trustworthiness its competitive advantage globally. You can find our contribution here and a summary of this contribution here.

Picture by Ernesto Velazquez