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We take our tenets to heart and strive to use our resources effectively. We acknowledge that—due to the rapidly-evolving nature of our field—it can be difficult to forecast which avenues of work have the greatest potential for positive impact. We have addressed this challenge head-on: we developed a prioritization method to help us determine how to allocate our resources, taking into consideration projects' potential impact, risks, uncertainties, and the degree to which they match the capabilities of our team. We also designed a iterative model for defining, designing, and deploying new projects, represented visually below. By utilizing these methods we ensure that our projects are geared to make a robustly positive impact.

Our institutional engineering model


Achieving our 3-year plan

We are eager to scale up our impact. In fact, we have a number of projects queued up, but we require additional staff. If you find value in our work, please consider making a donation. Your support for The Future Society goes directly towards bringing more talent and expertise to our team.


You are welcome to make a donation through the Every platform by clicking on the green button below. We accept donations via credit/debit cards, bank transfers, PayPal, Venmo, cryptocurrencies, stocks, and Donor-Advised Funds (DAFs). If you are interested in making a large contribution, or would like to hear more about our plan for impact, please reach out to donate@thefuturesociety.org.