In the evolving AI landscape, general-purpose AI (GPAI) and foundation models (FMs) are taking center stage as transformative advancements. Beyond specific pieces of legislation, such as, the EU AI Act, the public sector faces a pressing need for knowledge building, joined sense-making, and shared exploration of how to handle the specific characteristics of GPAI and FMs. This group represents a proactive move towards fulfilling this need.

This Reflection Group brings together policymakers from EU institutions and Member States, fostering an applied, realistic approach to the subject. Occasionally, academic experts are invited to further inform the conversation and to provide increased clarity on pressing questions. It is a member-driven group, which is chaired by one of the members – Juraj Čorba. TFS operationally supports the group.

The objectives are two-fold. Firstly, to empower members to better grasp the characteristics of GPAI and FMs that set them apart from other topics. And secondly, to offer a bias-free space for open exploration without external obligations. In essence, the Reflection Group is a collaborative initiative for reflection over responsible and innovative governance of GPAI and FMs. With enduring relevance, the Reflection Group is projected to operate throughout 2024.

Team members

Felicity Reddel