Since 2015, the UK Modern Slavery Act (MSA) has required large companies operating in the UK to report on the steps they are taking to eradicate modern slavery from their operations and supply chains. Similarly, under the Australian Modern Slavery Act, since December 2020, large companies operating in Australia have been required to produce MSA statements.

Between 2019-2021, The Future Society (TFS) launched and led Project AIMS (Artificial Intelligence against Modern Slavery), in partnership with Walk Free, seeking to support government efforts to evaluate corporate compliance with MSA guidelines. Project AIMS uses data science and machine learning techniques, including NLP (Natural Language Processing) and computational linguistics, to supplement the enforcement of emerging legislation cracking down on modern slavery.

Project AIMS is now on GitHub

Our work is now available, open-source, on GitHub. Our GitHub repository contains the notebooks developed under Project AIMS from April 2020 to June 2021 for anyone who would like to use, reproduce, or further develop the project. Those notebooks are organized in the following format:

Featured media

Project AIMS presented at the Global Partnership on Artificial Intelligence (GPAI) Montreal Summit in 2020
Presentation of research insights with Walk Free


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