Toni Lorente

Toni is a researcher focused on the safe development and deployment of emerging AI technologies. By integrating technical advancements in AI with philosophical works and different governance mechanisms, he seeks to contribute to the alignment of AI systems with fundamental values by means of developing interdisciplinary theoretical frameworks and better practical recommendations.

Before joining The Future Society, Toni was a visiting scholar at the Centre for Human Compatible AI (CHAI) at UC Berkeley, and led the research and implementation of algorithmic auditing methodologies and governance initiatives at Eticas Consulting in Barcelona.

He holds a BSc in Aerospace Engineering from Universitat Politecnica de Catalunya, an MA in Political Philosophy from Universitat Pompeu Fabra, an MSc in Philosophy of Science from the London School of Economics, and is currently pursuing his PhD in Digital Humanities at King’s College London on the value alignment problem. He is based in Barcelona, a native speaker of Spanish and Catalan, and is fluent in English.

Toni Lorente

Senior Associate, AI Governance


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