Frank Ryan

Frank is a Visiting Analyst at The Future Society. He is an AI policy researcher focused on EU and global governance and international cooperation. Frank is currently contributing to a report detailing regulation and enforcement frameworks for General-Purpose AI and foundation models in the EU AI Act, and regulatory harmonization and interoperability through cross-border initiatives such as the Transatlantic Technology Council. Concurrent with his role at TFS, Frank is studying Mandarin and aims to become an expert in Chinese AI policy.

Frank previously worked as a Research Assistant at the MIT Work of the Future Taskforce and completed research fellowships at the Sierra Leone Directorate for Science Technology and Innovation, as well as at the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO). His eclectic employment history also includes working as a data scientist at several technology startups, teaching English and computer science in Taiwan, and volunteering at an eco-village in rural India. Frank holds an MSc in Computer Science and Philosophy from Durham University in the UK and an MS in Technology Policy from MIT.


Frank Ryan

Visiting Analyst


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