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Springtime Updates

A leadership transition, an Athens Roundtable report, and a few more big announcements!

April 17 2024

Launch event for the Journal of AI Law and Regulation (AIRe)

TFS is partnering with Lexxion Publisher to launch The Journal of AI Law and Regulation (AIRe), covering key legislative developments in AI governance and providing an impartial platform for discussing the role of law and regulation in managing the challenges and opportunities of AI’s impact on society.

April 11 2024

Signaling support for the EU AI Act & we’re hiring!

We express our support for the EU AI Act, share our contribution to the G7 Hiroshima AI Process, and announce a few job opportunities.

January 31 2024

TFS supports the approval of the EU AI Act

The Future Society urges European Union Member States and the European Parliament to approve the EU AI Act.

January 30 2024

A Blueprint for the European AI Office

We are releasing a blueprint for the proposed European AI Office, which puts forward design features that would enable the Office to implement and enforce the EU AI Act, with a focus on addressing transnational issues like general-purpose AI.

October 17 2023

Heavy is the Head that Wears the Crown: A risk-based tiered approach to governing General-Purpose AI

In this blueprint, we explain why a tiered approach makes sense in the EU AI Act and how to build a risk-based tiered regulatory regime for GPAI – the technicalities involved, which requirements should be imposed on their corresponding tiers, and how to enforce them.

September 27 2023

Giving Agency to the AI Act

Earlier this year, we conducted research comparing different institutional models for an EU-level body to oversee the implementation and enforcement of the AI Act. We’re pleased to share our memo: Giving Agency to the AI Act.

August 22 2023

Policy achievements in the EU AI Act

The draft AI Act approved by the European Parliament contains a number of provisions for which TFS has been advocating, including a special governance regime tailored to general-purpose AI systems. Collectively, these operationalize safety, fairness, accountability, and transparency in the development and deployment of AI systems.

June 15 2023

New year. New TFS.

2022 was a year of transition and growth at The Future Society.

January 24 2023

TFS champions Regulatory Sandboxes in the EU AI Act

The Future Society has been advocating for regulatory sandboxes to be implemented via the EU AI Act and designed a three-phase roll out program.

June 28 2022

POLITICO AI & Tech Summit in Brussels

This year again, The Future Society is supporting POLITICO for their AI & Tech Summit on April 21st 2022 in Brussels and online, exactly a…

April 21 2022

EU AI Act: Trust in Excellence & Excellence in Trust

As the European Union develops the first law on AI, The Future Society has actively worked to ensure the text and policymakers help achieve a responsible adoption of AI.

October 1 2021

Policy Brief on Humanizing the Future of Work

The Future Society organised two workshops on the Future of Work in the EU with senior decision-makers at the national, european and international levels, academics, trade unions and industry. This policy brief summarizes the insights from our conversations and research.

May 6 2021

Will new European AI regulation have GDPR-like impact worldwide? @ MozFest 2021

MozFest is a unique hybrid: part art, tech and society convening, part maker festival, and a gathering for activists in diverse global movements fighting for…

March 15 2021

POLITICO’s AI Summit – Europe’s digital reckoning?

This year again, The Future Society is supporting POLITICO for their AI Summit on May 31st in Brussels and online. The European Commission will soon…

May 31 2021