Thierry Berthier

🇫🇷  Paris

Thierry Berthier is an expert, consultant and researcher in cybersecurity & cyber defense. He holds a PhD in mathematics (cryptography and number theory), teaches digital security at the University and is a research associate at CREC Saint-Cyr.

He is an active member of the Saint-Cyr Cyber ​​Defense Chair, the Fredrik Bull Institute and several French think tanks. He co-directs the “Safety – Artificial Intelligence” group of the France IA National Hub, which works on the safety of artificial intelligence and the contributions of AI in cybersecurity.

His research focuses on algorithmic strategies and the automatic detection of fictitious data architectures used in the initial phase of cyberattacks. In particular, he studies the solutions to cope with attacks by HoaxCrash, fake president frauds and false transfer orders, based on the construction of false profiles, false data and fake news.

He is a regular speaker at conferences, symposia and round tables related to cybersecurity and artificial intelligence in civil and military contexts.

He is the author of the book “From Digital Traces to Algorithmic Projections” published by ISTE & Elsevier, where he defined the new concepts of algorithmic projection of an individual, level of ubiquity and algorithmic consent.

Thierry Berthier is the co-founder of the websites EchoRadar, VeilleCyber, SécuritéIA, and founder of the Cyberland blog.