Samuel Curtis

Associate, AI Governance
🇺🇸  Portland

Samuel is a researcher and policy analyst focused on inequities and risks of emergent AI/ML and biotechnological tools from a global perspective. His interests span biometric surveillance, disinformation, media manipulation, and gene drive technology. His most recent research, on China’s facial recognition technology during the COVID-19 pandemic, received an Outstanding Capstone Award from Schwarzman College and contributed to a Beijing Academy of AI publication. His past employment includes designing cancer therapeutics in a Seattle biotech, teaching English in Central Asia, and conducting research on North Korea’s nuclear program with the former Economic Advisor to the President of Kazakhstan.

He completed his BA in Biochemistry, Biophysics, and Molecular Biology at Whitman College and his MSc in Global Affairs at Tsinghua University through the Schwarzman Scholars program. He speaks Russian (advanced) and Mandarin Chinese (pre-intermediate).