Sam Clarke

AI Policy Researcher
ūüá≥ūüáŅ  Auckland

Sam¬†is interning at The Future Society as an AI Policy Researcher. He’s interested in being a “translator” between technical AI researchers and policymakers, because he thinks that the future is unlikely to go well if these groups don’t understand one another. He’s particularly concerned with the effects of AI on the long-term future.

Sam has a master’s degree in Computer Science from the University of Oxford. His thesis¬†concerned designing AI systems that get us what we truly want and not just what we say we want (and in particular, improving the efficiency of such systems using a technique called deep Bayesian active learning). Previously, he studied philosophy, was a summer research fellow at the¬†Centre for Effective Altruism, taught English in France and India, and captained the winning team at the¬†New Zealand Young Physicists‚Äô Tournament.

Sam has lived in New Zealand, Singapore, France and England. Outside of research, he’s into NVC/authentic relating, stargazing, and¬†cooking Italian and French food.