Sacha Alanoca

Senior AI Policy Researcher & Head of Community Development
🇫🇷  Paris

As Senior AI Policy Researcher, Sacha’s research centers on the ethics and governance of AI systems, privacy, fairness and emerging algorithmic auditing practices. She manages and analyzes international initiatives for trustworthy AI systems including AI ethical guidelines, the use of independent AI audits, and AI literacy and engagement platforms. She recently led the development and publication of a governance framework for the trustworthy adoption of digital contact tracing to fight against COVID-19. Sacha also leads our community development composed of over 60 advisors and affiliates from leading academic, policy and industry backgrounds, working on topics such as AI for sustainable development, algorithmic bias or existential risks.

Previously, Sacha worked at the OECD’s Development Center in Paris. She also researched the impact of social and ecological trends in Latin America at two leading think tanks in Brazil and Chile. Sacha has a Masters in International Public Management from the Paris School of International Affairs at Sciences Po where she studied Emerging Economies, Digital Innovation and computer programming. Sacha did a graduate exchange at the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy at Tufts University and at the Harvard Kennedy School. Sacha is Franco-Chilean.