Richard Mallah

Senior Advisor
🇺🇸  Boston

Richard is Director of AI Projects at the Future of Life Institute, where he works to support the robust, safe, beneficent development of both short-term and long-term artificial intelligence via analysis, metaresearch, organization, research direction, and advocacy. Among his research interests at FLI are multiobjective ethical ensembles, semantic overlay of subsymbolic and neuromorphic processes, and dynamic roadmapping of the future. Mallah also heads research in AI at knowledge integration platform firm Cambridge Semantics, Inc., as Director of Advanced Analytics, leading R&D of technologies for knowledge representation, machine learning including deep learning, computational linguistics, conceptual middleware, and automated systems generation. He is an advisor to other nonprofits and companies where he advises on AI, knowledge management, and sustainability. He has over fifteen years’ experience in AI algorithms development, product team management, and CTO-level roles. Richard holds a degree in intelligent systems and computer science from Columbia University.