Niki Iliadis

Director, AI and the Rule of Law
🇺🇸  Los Angeles

Niki leads the design and delivery of The Athens Roundtable on AI and the Rule of Law, a platform for cross-stakeholder and international dialogue to spur real-word projects for the advancement of human rights, democratic values, and innovation. Her interests include: AI alignment, AI’s impact on human rights, the protection of childhood in the age of AI, and multi-stakeholder processes for AI governance.

Niki brings eight years of experience exploring impact in the contexts of innovation and policy. In her previous role, she worked as Innovation and Policy Manager at Big Innovation Centre, managing the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Artificial Intelligence (APPG AI), an initiative in the UK Parliament gathering evidence on the economic and socio-ethical impact of AI, and using that to shape policy.

Previous to that, Niki’s experiences include working for a global foundation to bridge the policy implementation gap (Centre for Public Impact – a BCG Foundation), a primary research firm to gather due diligence across industries (Third Bridge), an international think tank to develop projects in youth engagement (Strategy International), an education-focused NGO (Centre for Democracy and Reconciliation in Southeast Europe), and the Embassy of the United States.

She holds a BSc in Political Science from UC Berkeley and an MSc in Public Management from the London School of Economics.