Michaela Horvathova

🇫🇷  Paris

Michaela is an international education policy expert focused on the future of education and skills for the digital age and the 4th Industrial Revolution. She has been a consultant at the OECD and several public, private, and non-profit sector institutions. She has extensive experience in curriculum design and reform for 21st century skills & competencies, learning outcomes, evaluation & assessment.

At the OECD, Michaela contributed to the flagship publication ‘Education at a Glance’ and the Education 2030 project, aimed at developing an internationally validated framework of the key competencies for the future. She authored four reports for the “Onderwijs 2032” project, an ongoing curriculum reform for the Dutch Ministry of Education.

In Brazil, she supported the Ministry of Education on reform of national standards for the entire country under the initiative ‘Base Nacional Comum Curricular’ and designed an education guide for the General Competencies implemented in all the states and municipalities facilitating curriculum development. In South Africa, she is designing the 21st Century teaching and learning school model which will be piloted in South African public schools in collaboration with the National Education Collaboration Trust (NECT) and the Ministry of Education in 2019.

As a researcher and curriculum expert at Center for Curriculum Redesign (CCR), Michaela contributed to the recent book, ‘Four Dimensional Education: The Competencies Learners Need to Succeed’ and co-authored ‘Character Education for the 21st Century: What Should Student Learn?’

Michaela holds a Master in International Educational Policy from Harvard Graduate School of Education, a Master of Science in Global Human Resources Management from Pace University and a Bachelor of Science in Psychology from Florida Tech.