Mehdi Vilquin

Product Designer
🇫🇷  Paris

Mehdi is a Creative Associate and Product Designer at The Future Society. He has a strong interest to design new, and ethical technologies that can find applications in our everyday life. For him, Design has the potential to be a key driver to shape societal issues and make more human-like or sustainable our environment. Throughout his design experience, he had the chance to explore: urban mobility and autonomous cars, futuristic cockpits for airplane pilots, and professional/public supervision software in public and private transport — all powered by AI.

Mehdi is graduated from the EnsAD (Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Arts Décoratifs) with the jury’s highest honors. His end-of-study project, LAST – for Large Anthropological Simulation Trial, is a performative artistic installation, simultaneously immersive and participative, which use design-fiction to question the policy efficiency, governances legitimacy model in a crisis situation. Fiction, Entertainment, and Debate invite a broad audience to participate in the mock trial of real and new fictive democratic models. LAST was later exhibited in Design Biennale of Saint Etienne in 2015 and Milan Design Biennale (2016), as well as cultural centers in Paris.

Mehdi then pursued research in design at the Web Sharing Department of the Cité du Design de Saint-Etienne and co-published the book « Bog data » on the mutation of work with researcher Madeleine Aktypi. In this book, his research focused on how we can leverage design to represent dynamic and complex data, such as the impact of AI and IoT on our everyday lives and on society as a whole. In 2016, in collaboration with Pablo Hnatow, he participated into the International Design Biennale of Saint Etienne on the Future of Work (2017) and exhibited Digital Labor, a series of short films questioning computer and interface representation as an abstract normative language for Human attention.