Mehdi Benhabri

🇫🇷  Paris

Born October 22, 1975 in Issy les Moulineaux, France, Mehdi Benhabri pursued studies in political science, law, economics and sociology at the Institute of Political Studies of Paris (“Sciences Po”), University Paris-I Panthéon-Sorbonne, University Paris-X Nanterre and the Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales (EHESS).

As a civil servant with 14 years of experience, he has taught in several higher education institutions and he notably served as project manager for the digital economy at the Paris city hall and administrator at the French Senate. For the Senate Finance Committee (2009-2016), and then the Parliamentary Office for Scientific and Technological Assessment (2016-2018) he has contributed to the writing of numerous reports, for instance: economic relations between France and Iran, financial relations between France and the European Union, support for agricultural and agri-food exports, deindustrialization of territories, European agencies, the European Union’s own resources, the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP), State-regions plan contracts, regional equalization, raw materials prices volatility, agricultural cooperatives, the forestry sector, floods, bioeconomy, artificial intelligence etc.

Thanks to this work on AI, he established a deep and extensive expertise on these technologies and on the issues surrounding them: this report titled “Towards a Controlled, Useful and Demystified Artificial Intelligence” pointed out the rise of artificial intelligence technologies, which represent a major shift that is transforming our societies and economies. It seems critical to make them more accessible to people and society. In 2018, Mehdi Benhabri notably worked on the Blockchain issues and the relations between soils, carbon sequestration and climate change.