Léa Peersman Pujol

🇫🇷  Paris

Léa is a people engineer – she works with people, organizations, and communities to help them grow in a more human way. As Talent Community Manager at SYPartners, she is building a next-gen talent network called SYP-and. She is the founder of PeoplePeople, a collective for professionals designing the human talent revolution.

Léa received her MBA from MIT Sloan, focusing on the Future of Work—how current states of the art, technology, and science impact the way people connect, learn, and build their paths. While in Cambridge, Léa founded MIT’s Future of People conference and collaborated with different companies to facilitate the human side of their digital transformations. Among them, Blippar in their Education team leveraging their AR app and AI tech to build interactive learning environments. And Steelcase, in their Insight Led Experience team, enabling C-suite leaders to better understand the talent revolution as it relates to physical space.

Léa received a Masters in Strategy from NEOMA Business School in Paris. While focusing her career on human capital and community development, she worked in venture philanthropy for the Rothschild Foundations and in higher education at the ESSEC Business School where she led their digital transformation and a new research department on complexity management.