Jannik Seger

🇩🇪  Frankfurt

Jannik has been an AI Policy Affiliate with The Future Society since July 2018 and is completing his Master’s in Management at the University of Mannheim.

He has interned at various leading strategy consultancies, where he advised clients on digital transformation and process optimization. He gained experience in the financial services sector and the autonomous driving division of a major German OEM. Besides self-driving vehicle technology and policy analysis, Jannik is especially interested in the value-creation potential of Al in intergovernmental organizations (IGOs). His research focuses on the creation of necessary organizational and technical preconditions for IGOs’ transformation towards data-driven organizations commanding comprehensive Al platforms considered as strategic assets.

He earned his Bachelor’s in Business Administration from Ludwig-Maximilians-University of Munich and his academic achievements and social commitment have been honored by several merit-based scholarships.