Jamal Nimer

AI Policy Researcher
🇺🇸  Chicago

Jamal is interning at The Future Society as an AI Policy Researcher. He focuses on the work of the AI Initiative in launching the Collective and Augmented Intelligence Against COVID-19 (CAIAC) platform. His interests lie in the integration of AI and public policy to support more informed, effective decision-making. 

Prior to his engagement with The Future Society, Jamal worked at the Harvard Kennedy School’s Center for International Development. As part of the Growth Lab’s Saudi Arabia team, he designed a generalizable policy tool using employment data to predict inter-industry labor flow. He also worked with the Evidence for Policy Design (EPoD) Saudi Arabia team on survey design, data analysis, and policy reports. 

Jamal is pursuing his B.S. in Computer Science & Government at Harvard University. He speaks Arabic and is completing a language citation in French. Following graduation, Jamal aims to continue exploring the intersection of data science, AI, and policy design.