Imane Bello

🇫🇷  Paris

Imane Bello is lecturing Ethics and Politics of Artificial Intelligence at the Institut d’Etudes Politiques de Paris (Sciences Po Paris). In 2017, she passed the French Bar exam and is currently finishing her education at the Paris Bar School.

Imane Bello holds a Bachelor degree from Sciences Po Paris, a Bachelor degree in Political Science from the Free University of Berlin, a license in law (French undergraduate degree) from the ‘Université de Nancy II’ as well as a Master degree in Global Governance Studies from the Sciences Po Paris Law School.

Imane has worked in several law firms, where she focused in particularly on International Disputes and Digital Law. As an Internet Society Youth Fellow, Imane attended the 2018 IGF Summit in Paris where she was part of the panel on topics including Algorithmic Transparency and Best Practices in AI and IoT.

In addition, Imane co-founded an association focusing on the connection between technology and climate change and publishes a monthly newsletter on the connection between AI systems and Human Rights.

Imane has worked and lived in France, Germany, Luxembourg, Peru and Israel and is fluent in French, English, German and Spanish.