Harry Begg

🇬🇧  London

Harry was The Future Society’s first employee in 2016, during which time he worked on the organisation’s first major projects. Now based at Oxford’s Blavatnik School of Government, he is a PhD candidate researching in comparative political economy, studying how rich democracies regulate their financial sectors after major systemic shocks. His research has a particular focus on the period after the Global Financial Crisis (2007-9). He seeks to understand how liberal market economies like the US, the UK and Australia navigate the dual pressures of maintaining competitive financial markets and adequately protecting consumers, investors and the economy as a whole from excess risk. Increasingly, innovation in this sector is at the intersect between finance and advanced technologies, developments which bring novel challenges for public policy. He continues to support The Future Society on its research projects.

Harry was educated at Oxford, UCL and Harvard. Prior to returning to academia, he worked for four-star US Army General Stanley McChrystal (ret.).