Effie-Michelle Metallidis

🇺🇸  Los Angeles

Effie-Michelle is a tech-enabled storyteller interested in positive narratives of AI and speculative futurism. In the past, she’s helped launch a newspaper in the Middle East (The National, 2008), a policy research think tank during the Greek financial crisis (Synpraxis, 2015), and is currently a conversational UI designer who helps companies improve their user experiences through voice and visual design. In 2018, she helped to compile the AI Initiative’s report on the Global Civic Debate on Governing the Rise of Artificial Intelligence, which was presented to the EU Parliament. Her scripts have made the semi-finals for the Sundance Episodic TV Lab (2016), Roadmap Writers (2017) and her writing has been featured in PBS/Frontline, Al Jazeera, and Pangyrus Literary Magazine.