Cyrus Hodes

🇺🇸  Palo Alto

Cyrus most recently served as Advisor to the UAE Minister of Artificial Intelligence, currently working on projects that will positively impact the world through the use of AI and help shape the upcoming global governance of AI. Being passionate about drastically disruptive technologies, Cyrus previously led and still advises robotics and biotech ventures. In 2015, he co-founded the AI Initiative, which he managed by engaging a wide range of global stakeholders to study, discuss and help shape the governance of AI. The AI Initiative did, and continue to do so, through various international policy platforms (OEDC, HKS Forums, Japanese MIC, French Parliament, etc.) as well as AI ethics and safety initiatives. Cyrus spearheaded several projects using innovative tools (such as the Global Civic Debate and its multilingual collective intelligence platform on the governance of AI) and works at using AI and Machine Learning to tackle policy issues.

Cyrus is a member of three Committees (Policy, Well Being and General Principles) of the IEEE Global Initiative for Ethical Considerations in Artificial Intelligence and Autonomous Systems as well as a Senior Advisor to The Future Society. Cyrus was educated at Sciences Po Paris, where he later was a Lecturer, holds a M.A. (Hons) from Paris II University in Defense, Geostrategy and Industrial Dynamics and a M.P.A. for Harvard Kennedy School.