Alex Gabriel

🇺🇸  New York

Alex Gabriel is an Advisor to the Science, Law and Society Initiative at The Future Society and the Director of Public Affairs for NY-based consultancy Kirtzman Strategies. Previously, Gabriel was the Public Policy Analyst for both the East Coast and Global public policy teams at Airbnb. He brings a broad range of experience across public affairs, government relations, digital-platform strategy and media management roles, supporting large corporations, nonprofits, lobbying firms and growing start-ups across the country. He also is a democratic political strategist and an authority on artificial intelligence theory and practice and its impact on society.

Gabriel began his career in national politics in Washington, DC. Having successfully navigated multiple contentious political environments, Gabriel supported several prominent national campaigns by developing strategic engagement strategies and targeted political campaigns for grassroots advocacy groups, public corporations and elected officials.

Gabriel graduated from the University of Michigan-Ann Arbor and holds degrees in American Politics and International Affairs. Gabriel serves on the Advisory Boards of sOPHIa OXFORD, Oxford University’s first social venture spinout focused on alleviating poverty and the Stonewall Community Development Corporation, focused on making the aging process easier for LGBTQ seniors. He lives in New York City.