International Women’s Day Celebrations

March 8th, 2021

Girl Trouble: Breaking Through The Bias in AI.

On the occasion of International Women’s Day UNESCO and the 

World Economic Forum organized the panel Girl Trouble: Breaking Through The Bias in AI.  

This roundtable brought together leading female voices in tech to confront the deep-rooted gender imbalances skewing the development of artificial intelligence – as a technology and as an industry.

AI Policy Researcher and Project Manager Adriana Bora together with other female change-makers in AI formed the amazing line up of panelists. The panelists ranged from C-suite professionals taking decisions which affect us all, to women innovating new AI tools and policies to help vulnerable groups, to those courageously exposing injustice and algorithmic biases.   

The discussions builded upon UNESCO’s cutting edge research in this field, the flagship 2019 publication “I’d Blush if I Could”, and policy guidance on gender equality in the 2020 UNESCO Draft Recommendation on the Ethics of Artificial Intelligence. The panel discussed:

  1. The 4th industrial revolution is on our doorstop, and gender equality risks being set back decades; What more can we do to attract more women to design jobs in AI, and to support them to take their seats on the boards of tech companies?
  2. How can AI help us advance women and girls’ rights in society? And how can we solve the problem of algorithmic gender bias in AI systems?

Watch here the panel, and learn more about our work on AI against Modern slavery, the Global Partnership on AI (GPAI) Responsible AI , The Global Data Access Framework, and more.