Human-Level AI 2018: Solving the AI Race

August 22, 2018
Prague, Czech Republic

The Future Society co-organized the ‘Solving the AI Race’ panel at The Human-Level AI 2018 conference hosted by at GoodAI in Prague in August 2018. Senior AI Policy Researcher Yolanda Lannquist discussed how a combination of regulation and ‘soft law’ can be effective to govern AI development towards safety. Panelists included Irakli Beridze (UNICRI), Virginia Dignum (EU High-Level Expert Group on AI), Sean O hEigeartaigh (CSER), Roman Yampolskiy (University of Louisville), Hava Siegelmann (U.S. DARPA), Alison Lowndes (NVIDIA), Tyson Barker (Aspen Institute), Marek Havrda (GoodAI) and more.