Global AI Summit 2020

October 22, 2020

The Global AI Summit, organized by the Saudi Data & AI Authority (SDAIA) and G20 Saudi Secretariat as part of The International Conferences Program, honoring the G20 Saudi presidency year 2020, held in its inaugural edition virtually on 21 and 22 October 2020, is an international platform for dialogue that brings together stakeholders from public sector, academia and private sector, including technology companies, investors, entrepreneurs and startups to shape the future of Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Nicolas Miailhe, Co-Founder and President of The Future Society, was invited to share his views together with Stephen A. Scharzman, Chairman and CEO Co-Founder of Blackstone, on the future of international AI cooperation in the Vision Talk: Towards an International AI Framework.

The two engaged in a discussion that aimed at providing answers and food for thought to questions like:

  • What would an international approach to AI look like and why is it needed?
  • What should be the key objectives and function of a global AI framework?
  • Who should be part of such a framework and are current institutions fit for purpose in that regard?
  • What risks do we face if we don’t take an international approach to AI?

“The AI revolution¬†is a global phenomenon which requires global coordination as well as the reinvention of some of our main social contracts. The current deep crisis of multilateralism does not facilitate things; as a result soft law and tech standards seem the most promising pathway, at least in the coming years.”

Nicolas Miailhe