Geopolitics & AI Plenary @ Human-Centric Artificial Intelligence 2nd French-German-Japanese Symposium

November 20, 2020

The Future Society led the plenary panel on Geopolitics & AI at the Human-Centric Artificial Intelligence 2nd French-German-Japanese Symposium. Yolanda Lannquist, Head of Research & Advisory, moderated the panel discussion.

Artificial Intelligence implies shifts in power in economic, political, and military standpoints. Japan, France, Germany and others share a vision for a “human-centric” development of AI. In the context of a ‘US-China duopoly’, like-minded countries can collaborate to combine resources to support AI advancements. Beyond geopolitical concerns, there is a need for international coordination to align on standards and principles to avoid a ‘race to the bottom’ and ensure AI adoption is beneficial and not harmful.

The livestream video of the event can be found on Youtube here.

The Symposium’s event page can be found here.