AI Commons Workshop

March 13, 2019
Montreal, Canada

The Future Society, represented by Yolanda Lannquist, participated in the foundational “AI Commons” Workshop at the Quebec Artificial Intelligence Institute (MILA) in Montreal on March 13-14. The AI Commons brings together diverse global voices to address the world’s greatest challenges using artificial intelligence. The initiative is led by Yoshua Bengio, Amir Banifatemi, Stuart Russell, Francesca Rossi and includes numerous international participants including The Future Society, AI Initiative.

AI Commons exists to connect problem owners with the community of solvers

This community will collectively create solutions with AI that address the world’s important problems. AI Commons aims to implement a framework for participation and cooperation to make using and benefiting from AI available to all.


  1. Connect problem owners and the community of AI practitioners to collectively solve problems.
  2. Create a “safe sandbox” for collaboration and solution evaluation.
  3. Provide availability of trusted data repositories (data commons) and access to cloud and compute capabilities for problem-solving to move forward.