Your support helps us advance the global governance of Artificial Intelligence and other emerging technologies.

Potential economic upsides from Artificial Intelligence (AI) are huge. Capturing them however requires us to overcome daunting challenges, from trustworthy adoption of black box systems to unemployment. The Future Society is an independent 501(c)(3) nonprofit think-and-do tank helping society govern AI: seizing the opportunities it presents while mitigating its risks. Originally founded at the Harvard Kennedy School of Government, we leverage a global, multidisciplinary network of experts, practitioners, and institutional partners to develop Policy Research & Advisory Services, Seminars & Summits, and Educational Programs & Leadership Development.

The Future Society is independent from industry, connected to all relevant stakeholders, and we tackle a broad, but carefully selected, range of short-term and longer-term issues in AI governance. We organise our work through 3 initiatives: The AI Initiative, looking at the global aspects of AI; The Law & Society Initiative, looking at AI’s impact on legal systems; and CitX, looking at AI for urban environments. With 15 team members and 23 affiliates from over 10 countries with different professional and academic backgrounds, we form a global and diversified network of hard-working individuals. Since its creation in 2014, this team has enabled The Future Society to achieve a significant impact on the global governance of AI.

To enable us to achieve our future projects, we aim to fundraise $2 million for 2020, allowing us to better and more effectively accomplish our exempt purpose. Please partner with The Future Society to help us achieve this objective and to advance together the global governance of AI and other emerging technologies!