This article was published by The Future Society in Seminars & Summits, The Law & Society Initiative on November 22, 2019

Conference on Artificial Intelligence: Educating the Legal Profession

Main insight

The Future Society’s Law & Society Initiative co-organized a conference on the legal profession’s education about automated decision systems in New York City.

Seminars & SummitsThe Law & Society Initiative
November 22, 2019
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On November 22nd, The Future Society and NYU | LAW’s Center on Civil Justice co-hosted a full-day conference on AI implications for the legal system, taking place in New York City. We addressed the education of the legal profession and how to ensure competence for using AI tools in law.

Among other topics, we looked at the education of the judiciary. How can we ensure that, going forward, judges are competent to understand automated decision systems, that these systems are deployed appropriately during litigation, and that we can monitor parties’ use of these technologies in their cases?

This conference is in the continuity of our cooperation with NYU School of Law and its Center on Civil Justice, and of our Law & Society Initiative’s work on education of Rule of Law stakeholders about AI, as we discussed in the Athens AI Roundtable 2019.