This article was published by The Future Society in Educational Programs on June 21, 2019

IE University in Madrid – Spring 2019

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The Future Society developed and taught the course “Frontiers of Artificial Intelligence” at IE University in Madrid.

Educational Programs
June 21, 2019
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The Future Society taught Frontiers of Artificial Intelligence at IE University in Madrid. This course surveyed the range of opportunities and risks that the rise of AI poses to society. The course presented major AI applications across sectors and global trends in the AI development and policy landscapes. Topics also included the impact on labor markets, international trade, and economic and human development. The course analyzed risks including algorithmic bias, cybersecurity, threats to privacy, safety, transparency and explainability, accountability, human agency and autonomy, and more. It presented students with the latest policy and governance approaches to encourage innovation while mitigating these risks. Photo by Jorge Fernández Salas.

Curriculum and course delivered by Yolanda Lannquist and Nicolas Miailhe.